Hesychius. Ἡσυχίου Λεξικὸν... [Edited by Markos Mousouros], Venice, Aldus Manutius, August 1514.
First edition of the Lexicon by Hesychius, a fifth century ad grammarian from Alexandria about whom nothing whatever is known except for his Lexicon, and that in an abridged form, supplemented by the so-called Glossario by Kyrillos and other similar writings. Markos Mousouros (circa 1470-1517) who edited the book at Aldus’s printing house processed the soel surviving work of lexicography from a manuscript entrusted to him by the scholar mathematician Giangiacomo Bardellone from Mantua. The second edition was issued by the house of the Giunti in Florence in 1520. The confusion reigning as to the authorship of the Lexicon resulted in its being identified with the Lexicon by Hesychius of Miletus, surnamed Illustrius, a sixth century historian, as declared by the excerpt from the Souda added to the edition beneath the greeting from Aldus to Bardellone.
Format: 32 cm
Page description: lv. [198]
References: Hoffmann ΙI, 261 • Renouard, 66-67 (3) • BH I/1 (44) • PAP Ι, 2670 • Charta Ι, 340/1
Entity: Renaissance – Humanism
Item Type: Book